Proving Market Value with Pragmatic Innovation in Healthcare  

Engage with early adopters of blockchain and converging innovation

 transforming vision into real-world practice.

Join the new-era telehealth practitioners navigating beyond legacy frameworks  meeting emerging market needs.

Design your path to value with pragmatic innovation through fast track evidence-based case-studies, key learnings, workshops, and debates.    


This intensive one-day conference brings together 65+ C-level cross-functional speakers from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem: multinational corporations; emerging growth global companies and startups;  government; payers and providers; consortia; standards; ivy-league universities; and countries including the U.S., Canada, UK, Israel, India, Dubai, and Estonia.


Organized by Partners in Digital Health, publisher Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) and Telehealth and Medicine Today in collaboration with HIMSS Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and IEEE-SA. First-in-category journal exclusively dedicated to evidence-based blockchain and converging innovation in healthcare, BHTY is read in over 70 countries with over 26,000 article downloads and 45 citations.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with the PCHAlliance, a HIMSS Innovation Company, at CHC19 

What To Expect...

1. ControversiaTopics – leading world executives share in depth conversations and analysis with fair balance - and  ZERO HYPE!
We will apply the Harvard Business School Case Method with scaled case studies to demonstrate REAL traction moving the market forward - not just case use! Hear hard hitting questions covering challenges, opportunities, and candid conversations about what’s next for companies and patient care.

2. Debates!
Professionally moderated presenting expert considerations and challenges raised for:

"Where Does Healthcare Need Blockchain?"
"Does a New Health Paradigm Impact Patient Rights to Privacy and Personal Data?"

3. International Cross Disciplinary Forum includes experts from US, UK, Estonia, Israel, India, and Canada zeroing in on challenges, solutions, and pivoting business models, to explore and critique scale and interoperability in a real world health system, for all health consumers

4. Fantastic Networking Experience with an entire ecosystem coming together to discuss drivers such as Sharing, Adoption, Compliance, Value, Revenue, and Regulation. Expand your network, find partners, new career paths, and opportunities to build the future of health here!

5. Third Annual Innovation Ignition Competition
See the start-ups to watch next for investment opportunities and adopt new corporate initiatives

6. Public Information Forum gives you a window into the newest businesses, pilots, and research. Learn new approaches for problems, and deepen your knowledge with hands-on workshops.

7. 1st Annual BHTY  & TMT Editor’s Choice Award
Find out which articles in the pre-eminent Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today peer review journals will garner the title “Best,” selected by Editor-in-Chief, Dr. John Halamka

Conference Audience

Stakeholders around the globe including HIT | Innovation leadership | Academic leadership | Hospital leadership | Life science | Medical technology | Device companies Payers | National and regional agencies including government | Not-for-profit organizations | Providers & Early adopters interested in digital health and tech | Students

#ConV2X 2019 + Connected Health registrants qualify for $100 combo discount. Get your code checking out of #ConV2X  registration.

#Conv2x 2019 

Is an Unparalleled Event Where the Depth of Healthcare’s

 Current Challenges Are Met With Viable Solutions to 

Implement and Scale!

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Join us on October 15, 2019

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Join the Conversation on the Adoption, Value, and Impact, of  Modernizing Health and Care in the US and Around the Globe!


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Seaport at World Trade Center

200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA, 02210


Converge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) challenges audiences to catalyze and change healthcare using blockchain technology, telehealth, and converging technologies to build consensus for new healthcare solutions and reduce costs for health systems and health consumers. Top world authorities share business cases, pilots, and scaled use, to demonstrate the impact of new and vetted solutions to address challenges in healthcare.

The conference cuts straight to the practicality of initiatives using the HBS Case Method with panelists. Where possible, the bottom line financial impact of initiatives is shared along with “how to” guidance for replicating similar outcomes.

Each year, a current and topical theme is selected to find solutions to current challenges in healthcare and build consensus and understanding for them. This year #ConV2X 2019 presents “Proving Market Value with Pragmatic Innovation in Healthcare.”

The conference is collegiate in essence. No titles or corporate affiliations are featured on badges. This encourages all participants at all levels to share relevant experiences with new or known community members.

Professionally moderated Debates are a conference staple, as top authorities elucidate arguments, pro and con, addressing controversial issues and topics. The Innovation Ignition Competition brings you tomorrow’s investment opportunities with startups competing for mind share and exposure, to VCs, and leading tech labs.

#ConV2X welcomes all stakeholders in the ecosystem to facilitate dialogue, build alliances, educate, and bolster pioneering efforts in industry.


When booking a hotel by phone, indicate group affiliation: Personal Connected Health Alliance — Connected Health Conference.